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History Of Clutha Print

History Of Clutha PrintHistory for all things, must have a starting point. For Clutha Print Ltd that time can be tracked to a date in September, 1874 when the first newspaper was established in Clyde Street, Balclutha.

By the very nature of the newspaper operation in those early times, all type setting was by hand so it was a natural progression to extend the facilities to commercial printing, or job printing, as it was normally described.

This First newspaper was the Clutha Leader which, in 1927, moved to the corner of John and James Streets, Balclutha. In 1933 the Clutha Leader became a public company called South Otago Newspapers Ltd.

Commercial Printing was an integral part of South Otago Newspapers Ltd operation and when the production of the company's various publications was converted to offset lithography process, rationalisation was introduced into the commercial printing side of the business.

With the sale of the company's newspaper operation to the Southland Times Ltd. the two employees then remaining on the commercial printing side, Brian Whitehead and Chris Lee, purchased the business as a going concern, and with a change of name to Clutha Print Ltd, that is the background history to our profile today.

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