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Testimonials From Our Clients

For South Otago Theatrical Society

For South Otago Theatrical Society It is with pleasure that I recommend the services of Clutha Print.

I write on behalf of the Sub Committee of the South Otago Theatrical Society, as the Production Manager for our 2009 production of “Dad’s Army”. Clutha Print staff were extremely helpful with our printing requirements for this show.

From the beginning, when I required some simple stick-on labels of the Dad’s Army Logo, to attach to folders for the cast, to the major production of our souvenir programme for the show itself, Clutha print could not have been more helpful.

The programme is usually a major drama - even for the funniest show, but this year using digital technology, with good communication between Clutha Print Staff and our own people, we were able to incorporate photos, artwork and the written word to finish up with a very smart, yet very cheap to produce, product.

It was so much easier to be able to request a smaller number of copies and then on a daily basis know that we could re-order if required, and only need to order what we wanted. This saved us quite a bit of money that was put to good use elsewhere - rather than being thrown out at the end of the show.

We were also able to sell the programme at a very economical price for our Patrons attending the show, which meant that more copies were bought, and consequently admired. We have had some extremely positive comments back from our audience in this regards.

The colour was great, the concept great and the price - ‘CHEAP’... A word that is not heard often these days.

So all in all, a great effort from Clutha Print.

Lorraine McLean
Production Manager - Dad’s Army

Waihola Mechanical and Marine

Waihola Mechanical and Marine When Steve Williams described the various ways to get the best out of a business card, I decided to try it out. Now I can say that he was absolutely right. My first reaction to Steve's next visit, after I received my business cards was

"This is the best money I ever spent "

Clutha Print have supplied a low cost, well designed business card that has more than paid for itself. My customers are ringing me with my business card in front of them and they are commenting how well it looks. I am more than happy with the price , quality and quick service I received and I was most impressed with Clutha Prints willingness to go the extra mile for me.
We accept Farmlands Co-operative cards and are members of PRINTNZ
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